European Test Drive

I will be away for a week, fighting with snowy roads in Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Germany (the actual route is secret). Why? Duty calls.. um, company duty actually. We’re testing the new multimedia platform for a well-known German car manufacturer (actually more within the same group). I’m not gonna tell you the name, but I can give some hints:
– one of the brands was founded before WW II by some bad guys 😉
– another of the brands has 4 interconnected rings 🙂
– another is Czech
– the last (not least) is Latin and likes fighting with bulls.

Now guess which group is it.

Anyway, I will have some updates for Power Schedule when I get back – UI rework, more flexible schedule and 1 or 2 other things I can’t talk about (competition :P).

See you in a week. Or wait, I might have some WiFi in the hotels.

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