New market stats – thanks Google

I got a surprise this morning with a tweet from Android Developers – it told me to check my Android Market stats. Now the numbers are getting useful: you can see all kinds of information, device types, countries, languages, and of course, app install count over time. Really good stuff. Now if they could only associate the crash reports with a device type and OS version, it would be excelent.

Also, Google, can you please open the paid market for the rest of the world already? I had to buy a prepaid SIM card from Germany to be able to buy some apps I wanted (no, I don’t want to root my phone). I really don’t get it – I have a valid Google Checkout account, so purchasing was easy. Why can’t I do it the proper way?
Ok, not to mention you need to allow developers from other, “non-select”, countries to publish paid apps. Apple does it, so why can’t you?


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