Power Schedule 1.3

Hi all,

I updated Power Schedule to 1.3. I added “Data Connection” schedule as a new feature, and also changed a few texts (for example I renamed “Phone” to “Telephony” – some people thought turning “Phone” off would actually power off your device completely… when I actually meant just the “phone” (GSM /CDMA) part of your Android device). Anyhow, I hope “Telephony” removes some of that confusion.

Data schedule will now let you disable sync during night, for example (if you want to keep your WiFi off and Telephony on, but don’t want to get new e-mails, for example). Of course, it’s up to you to define your schedule.

I am also working on a major overhaul of the UI – making it more… Android-esque? I am also trying to add a few more options for “power users”, who are not satisfied with the standard settings. So update your version and stay tuned for new updates.

2 thoughts on “Power Schedule 1.3”

  1. Installed the app yesterday, works great so far. I would like to be able to set multiple events for each of the catagories. I.e. turn on at 7:00 am, Turn off at 8:00 am, trn on at6:00 pm, turn off at 11:00 pm.

  2. Brent,
    I’m actually working on that. It’s part of a major re-work. I’m not sure when I’ll finish it (due to my daily job). Rest assured, this is one of the features 🙂

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