Amazon AppStore – your turn, Google

Amazon launched their own Android Appstore (name is still under clarification with Apple – but that’s a different topic). It’s only available to Android users in the US for now, but I’m sure this will change soon enough. But the big news (for me, anyway) is that they also accept developers from many different countries – including Romania 🙂 . I couldn’t find a list yet, but I think if you have an Amazon account, you’re eligible).
They withhold the US tax – 30%, but if you have an US Tax ID (one can be obtained relatively easily, for free), it can be as low as 0%, for some countries (depending on tax agreement between US and your country). Of course, you still need to pay the required taxes in your country.

The point is, selling Android apps is more than possible, from all countries, even from a legal point of view… now I’m still confused why Google doesn’t allow it as well yet :(.
I refuse to think they really don’t care (that would be a major dissapointment).

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