Android Market problems

I just tried to upload a small bugfix to Power Schedule – but guess what, big surprise: the developer account is not working (404 error). It seems I’m not the only one experiencing these problems (see here). So this question pops up : is Google working on some new developer account feature (hint: expand the country list already!) or they’re just having some technical problems.
Frankly, I would prefer the first one 😉

EDIT: Well, it’s getting even funnier (or not). I was finally able to get in, but I got a few messages that I’m not the owner of this app (lol). It seems some guys on the forums also get the same message.
Pity. I was just about to post a bugfix version (fixed “event at same hour in weekend / weekdays” bug, also some wrong times being displayed on the time selector – due to different time zones, and also a crash for some devices without Bluetooth).

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