Translation to other languages

I looked into the Market stats, and I see the top 5 languages (in the Android Market) for Power Schedule users are:
– English (US & UK)
– French
– Italian
– German
– Spanish

So… I would need some help translating it to these 4 languages (for now). Does anyone have a few minutes to help me out? I don’t want to use Google Translate – it’s not good enough yet 🙂

Thank you all in advance.

7 thoughts on “Translation to other languages”

  1. Hi, did you find somebody who translated it? I could help you to translate into German. Just send me the text-file.

    On the other hand I do have an idea of improvement: Is it possible to implement a function to control each day separately? Cause this is the only function I’m missing. All other things are perfect !

  2. Hi Manuel,

    Thanks for your offer. I will send you the text file by mail.
    Yes, it’s possible – and I’m already working on it 😉

  3. Hi,
    I’d kindly offer my help to translate this great app to Hungarian. I do know it is not most popular language, however a couple of hungarian user with no english knowledge would enjoy to use it.

    1. Hi Zoltan,

      Thanks for your offer. I will send the texts by e-mail. Also, as I’m working on v2.0, perhaps I could also send the new ones as well?

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