Power Schedule 1.3.5

I just updated Power Schedule to 1.3.5. I received one MMS message on my e-mail address from someone in Germany (thank you – I couldn’t reply back to the MMS message via e-mail though, also you didn’t leave your name 🙂 ). He / she said the Bluetooth kept turning on, even though the schedule for Bluetooth was disabled completely. So I fixed this problem in this version. Also, I removed some debug logs I forgot in the app – this caused some slowdowns. So now there are some speed improvements as well.

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  1. i have some problems with the app power schedule (1.3.7). When i fill in te form, at bluetooth or data conection, the other one gets the same configuration.
    Can i get this problem being solved, because i dont whant anny ations on bluetooth, only the dataconnection must be reacting.

  2. wow, thanks for finding that out – it’s fixed now. just updated to 1.3.8 🙂 please check if it’s working properly now.

  3. Hi.. monocube

    your app power schedule is my insipiration to make final project on my campus. so, i’ll make app like you, but in indonesian languange. i hope need help you, to care with me about your app.

    please,, help me.
    reply on you_dee12@yahoo.com


    1. Hi,
      It would make a nice diploma project. Unfortunately I can’t give you the source code – it would be cheating 😉
      I can say at least that all information you need is in the Android SDK samples and…Google is your friend 🙂

  4. Read your story, very touchy, very moving, same as me, I am freelancer too. About this software, why can not just switch power off, that is really what I want. I am doing car rain shield with moulding factory in China by the way

  5. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for appreciations – I don’t complain about being employed: I’m happy I have a good job. But I have to keep doing something else as well 🙂
    Now about Power Schedule, I can turn the power off from code, but unfortunately it can’t turn on by itself at a specific time. It’s an Android (and maybe hardware) limitation. Perhaps it will change with future Android phones / OS versions.

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