Power Schedule 1.4

I’m working hard for version 2 (which was basically rewritten), however I made this minor update (1.4), due to users complaining “Data Connection” doesn’t work on Gingerbread devices (see this article to understand why: Google is destroying Android). Basically, in 1.4 you will get a warning message when trying to access the Data Connection menu, with a link to the open issue at Google. Please star it to support developers (not just myself) – and not let Google create a(nother) precedent.

Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Power Schedule 1.4”

    1. If you mean power off the entire device, then that’s not a problem. The problem is turning it back on automatically at a certain date / time – which is unfortunately not possible. That’s why I chose not to include such a feature – it would just result in a lot of angry users who missed their appointments / alarms etc.

    1. Hi,
      Here are my quick answers:
      1. Can you please tell me what phone do you have? There were no complains about this feature so far.
      2. That’s true – there’s no button for this in this version. However, it will be automatically enabled by Android if you connect using WiFi, then disconnect or disable WiFi. Disabling the mobile internet connection is not actually officially supported by Android, and it doesn’t even work for Android 2.3 anymore – see here. You can also star this issue if you want Google to bring it back.

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