10000 active users

I’m happy to say Power Schedule has more than 10000 active users. That’s a small town using it. I know it’s nothing comparable to > millions other apps have, but it’s a great milestone for me. It even motivates me to continue working on it (I know, I’ve bene quite lazy lately) 🙂

Thank you all.

12 thoughts on “10000 active users”

  1. Nice little app. I really like the fact that you can schedule to turn off something without having to schedule to turn it back on (please keep this feature in the future). Some of the other competing power apps require that you have to schedule to turn the item back on. This is not necessary

    It would be useful if you could schedule more than once per day. Eg. being able to turn off the wifi 3 or 4 times a day. However, if this adds a lot of bulk to the app, I would prefer to keep it small.

    Thanks for your work.

    1. Thanks for your appreciations. I’m still working on the next version – which takes longer than anyone thought. That will have multiple schedules, while keeping the lightweight footprint.

  2. I’m a light sleeper and have thought that an app to silence my phone completely (except incoming calls and alarms) between certain times (e.g. 11 PM to 7 AM) would be great. I’d even pay for it. Right now, I have all notifications except calls silenced, which is great for night, but then I miss calendar and text msg notifications during the day and it is a pain to constantly be going in and resetting these (assuming I remember). Will your app allow me to set a schedule that will shut my phone up at night so it sleeps while I am sleeping and wake up in the morning. I do, of course, still want it to ring if I get a phone call or an alarm is set, but no other buzzing, beeping or other sounds during the “quiet time.”

    1. Right now the calls are silenced, but alarms are still active. I will try to see if it’s possible to enable call ringer as well.

  3. Thanks for creating this little app. It’s one of those gems in the Android Market that everyone is looking for: simple, but effective.

    I have a suggestion though. Would it be possible to have a finer grained schedule, including weekdays? I have a four-day workweek, and would want to adapt my android schedules to that.

    Much appreciated!

  4. Most all carries today have parental controls which work great except that they do not turn data off – that means that applications like Skype, etc still function (little known problem that they don’t reveal until you spend hours on the phone with them). I would like to use your application to turn off my teens data connection at a set time and night, then back on in the AM which it looks like it can do without issue. Teens being as smart as they are, would most likely figure this out, so my question is can you password encode your app? If you can, you should start to promote this great feature for parents to lock out data at set times.

  5. Would bei great if app is also enabled for tablet version of android in app store. This way on Transformer I cannot get it from Google market.

    Thanks for great little app!

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