A note on ads

To be fair and help other developers, I decided I will also publish regular reports on the income from ads. Right now, I included ads from LeadBolt (referral link). Why not AdMob? Well, to tell you the truth, I’m still mad at Google for not allowing developers from most countries sell apps on Google Market (now Google Play Shop).

2 thoughts on “A note on ads”

  1. Love the app. Got it two weeks after getting the phone. Absolutely necessary app. I got an idea and can’t seem to find a way to contact you other than this. Would love to have exceptions to silent mode.If my work, girlfriend etc.. calls in the evening I would need to know. The rest can suck it.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I will try to add this in the next version. I’m just wondering now if it’s possible to change the ring type while an incoming call has already been detected. I’ll do some tests and let you know.

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