App List

So I just released a new app – it’s called simple: App List.

You can check it out now here (Browser link):
App List on Google Play

or here (Android link):
App List on Play Store for Android

You can use it to quickly share some apps you like with your friends (via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Gmail or whatever sharing app you have installed on your Android device). Also, you can filter/search your installed apps list, view details about each one, open them or open the corresponding Google Play Store page (if any).

I implemented this one to familiarize myself with other Android topics. I’ll post a tutorial about what I’ve found out soon.

3 thoughts on “App List”

  1. Hi Mircea,

    I have a Galaxy Nexus that runs ICS. I have tried using Power Schedule – but it does something very strange on my Nexus. It’s like it’s all scrunched up in the bottom left hand corner of the screen and is so tiny I can’t read any of the words.

    Have you seen this before?

    1. Hi Kevin,

      I didn’t see it before – but someone else complained about the same thing. I’ll try it on an Emulator with ICS immediately. Must be some problem regarding resolution.
      Maybe another update soon :).

    2. Ok, I just tried it in an emulator, the latest version looks ok. Can you try to update to latest version (1.5.6)?
      Let me know if it works.

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