Ok, Power Schedule 2.0 is here!

Last night I finally finished Power Schedule 2. I rewrote most of the old stuff, so the new event types are no longer compatible with the old schedule – sorry for that, but I couldn’t manage to import them 🙁
Anyhow, it’s now REALLY configurable – as most of you have requested. By adding this flexibility, the complexity increased a bit – so some may find the learning curve too steep. Just drop me a message if you have problems using it – I’ll be glad to help.

Also, this time I chose to monetize it – not by making it a paid application (since it’s anyway impossible for Romanian developers – at least on Google Play) – but by using “incentive advertising”. To be more precise: you have 5 events available at startup. Most will find this enough. However, for those of you that need more, they can just complete on of the FREE offers displayed by the Ad provider.
Generally, this just involves installing some free app, game or something similar. Once you do, they will automatically grant you the points. You can choose to uninstall the app later if you don’t like it. The ratio is this: 1 extra event = 10 Power points.
So completing a 50 point offer will get you 5 new events.
Simple. Oh, and your earned points will still be available after re-installation.

I know some people have problems with ads, but unfortunately I have no other way of monetizing my app. I hope you understand.

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