15000 active users

Well, I’m now definitely back to work. I’ve had quite a stressful year at work (hopefully things will chill down for a while). Yes, some of my team’s work can be seen in the new Audi A3 (just revealed at Geneva Motor Show). Pretty proud of that, actually. Soon you’ll also see it in the new Golf 7 😉

But anyhow, as I said I’m back to Android development – and hopefully without major breaks this time.
To start, I thank the 15,000 active Power Schedule users by releasing a new minor update: version 1.5. I’ve finally added one thing most of you asked for – “vibrate” instead of “silent” option.
Also, if you don’t mind, I’ve added an ad, as a splash screen. This is because my hosting costs some bucks / year. I hope this doesn’t upset anybody – if most users demand removal, I will.
You can find it in the form of a checkbox in the “Ring Profile” section.

So go on, update your app. And if you don’t use it already, what are you waiting for? 🙂

10000 active users

I’m happy to say Power Schedule has more than 10000 active users. That’s a small town using it. I know it’s nothing comparable to > millions other apps have, but it’s a great milestone for me. It even motivates me to continue working on it (I know, I’ve bene quite lazy lately) 🙂

Thank you all.

Off to summer holiday

Yes, finally that time of year has come 🙂
Tomorrow we’re heading for Sardegna, supposedly one of the best Italian destinations – where all the stars go. No, we’re not playing in their league, we just got a very good deal on accommodation. So I guess we have a good chance of having a coffee with Heidi Klum and the likes 🙂

See you when I’m back (29.08) with a surprise ;).

P.S. I can’t wait to dive again. Yay!

Restore Airplane Mode

One of the users wrote me an e-mail that after uninstalling Power Schedule, when he turned on Airplane Mode, WiFi was still enabled. This is because Power Schedule (and others) change this setting to allow individual control over WiFi, Bluetooth and Telephony. Since the application being uninstalled is not notified it’s being uninstalled, it has no chance of cleaning up (and restoring previous settings). This is how Android is designed (a bit of a flaw, in my opinion – on Windows Mobile an application was notified before uninstall).

Anyway, I wrote a small app to restore the settings. Download and install it using Astro or whatever file manager you have on your device.
Here’s the link:

Back from Barcelona

Yes, I’m back. Barcelona is easily the best city I’ve ever visited (not that I’ve been to that many anyway). It has it all: views, sea (+1), food, night life, history.
Plus, the weather was excelent. We’ve had around 24-26 degrees C (78 F), while back home in Timisoara, around 37 C (98 F). That doesn’t seem right, but anyway – great weather for walking around the city :).
I hope I’ll be back soon. Plenty of things left to visit.

Short holiday – heading for Barcelona

It’s been 42 degrees Celsius (Google says that’s 107.6 F) in Timisoara last weekend, so I couldn’t take it anymore. Tomorrow I’m heading for Barcelona, where AccuWeather says it’s around 27 C (80.6 F). Based on what I learned in school, these temperatures should be quite the opposite. Then again, weather’s changing.
Anyhow, the trip was not so spontaneous – I’ve bought the tickets back in May :).

Wish me a nice holiday, please… I need a break from work 😉

Back on track

As you know I’ve been away for a few days – so the release date for Power Schedule 2 was shifted a bit. I’m also quite busy at work – so I don’t have the energy to work on it after I get home :(.
I made some progress last Sunday – I still have to write a help file, some hints, and design new High resolution icons. But the overall functionality is done 🙂