Power Schedule 1.0.1

I just updated Power Schedule to 1.0.1. The displayed schedule is now activated, when you open the “Phone & Bluetooth” and “Wireless” settings (this fixed a small bug for users seeing the times displayed, without any action being performed at the specified times). Check the app page for download details.

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  1. Hello,

    Power schedule it is an aplication what I am looking for when I buy samsung i5500.
    Wireless lan schedule working but settings for Phone not work.
    After installation I restarted the phone.
    Please advise!

    Thank you,
    P.S Poti sa-mi scrii in romana.

  2. Hello Marian,
    Did you first change the settings for Phone or you left the default ones? If you left the default ones, you need to tap on the buttons to activate them manually first (only the first time you started the application). This is a known bug – I’m working on it.
    If this is not the case, we need to investigate further – I’ll contact you via email.

    1. Hello,

      I discover that I missed sommething.
      “On” means that Power Schedule application is active, NOT my phone is ON.As a sugestion you can switch the action of ON/OFF settings.
      The ON settings put my phone in “Airplane mode” and OFF settings, set the “Airplane mode” to OFF.
      I don’t know if is possible for i5500(or samsung in general) to POWER OFF the phone to save the battery during the night, I hope that you will discover a solution, then you will receive 5 stars from a lot of people.

      Thank you,

  3. Marian,
    You’re right, the texts are not so suggestive. I’ll update the app and try to find out more about the i5500 and why it doesn’t turn off the phone.

  4. Hello!

    On my HTC Desire HD it is the same. Instead of turning off the phone the airplane mode is activated.
    Is there any chance to fix this isszue?


  5. Hello Dirk,

    Actually “Airplane Mode” activated results in your Phone & Bluetooth being off. Please check if this is correct.

  6. Hello!

    Yes, that’s right, bluetooth is off, but the phone is still on in airplane mode. Only every connection mode is off, so for example, the display is still on and every background process is still running.
    I thout that “Phone off” means, that the phone is completly off and turns on at programmed timed (so it is on my BlackBerry phone).
    Did I missunderstand anything?


    1. When I said “Phone” I meant just the radio part of it (GSM/CDMA part, used for voice). Turning the entire device off would actually disable all alarms and notifications. What I’m curious about is the fact your radio is still on in Airplane mode on. Did you try to make a phone call? Do you notice the same behavior while turning Airplane Mode on manually? Thanks for the information.

  7. It seems, that all works fine. The airplane mode ist working correct, the whole radio part is turned off. I was only confused, because I expected, that the phone is completly off, including the display. Like it is on my BlackBerry. When this is not possible with android, all is fine! All other profile settings (like WLan) are also working fine. Thank you for your app and your patience in answering my questions.

  8. Hi. Power schedule concept is good but for us who stay at Gulf countries cannot effectively use this app. I suggest to have an option to select specific weekdays and weekends. For info our week starts on Saturdays, weekends are thursdays and fridays. Thanks and more power.

  9. Great work it could be interesting develop a special display tool that allows you to set at 10% display normal lux force, but when you touch a point just around an area under your finger it becomes 100% lux. I mean that it ligths on just where you are looking and touching and reading, not all the screen display. Anyway good work

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