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Ok, Power Schedule 2.0 is here!

Last night I finally finished Power Schedule 2. I rewrote most of the old stuff, so the new event types are no longer compatible with the old schedule – sorry for that, but I couldn’t manage to import them 🙁
Anyhow, it’s now REALLY configurable – as most of you have requested. By adding this flexibility, the complexity increased a bit – so some may find the learning curve too steep. Just drop me a message if you have problems using it – I’ll be glad to help.

Also, this time I chose to monetize it – not by making it a paid application (since it’s anyway impossible for Romanian developers – at least on Google Play) – but by using “incentive advertising”. To be more precise: you have 5 events available at startup. Most will find this enough. However, for those of you that need more, they can just complete on of the FREE offers displayed by the Ad provider.
Generally, this just involves installing some free app, game or something similar. Once you do, they will automatically grant you the points. You can choose to uninstall the app later if you don’t like it. The ratio is this: 1 extra event = 10 Power points.
So completing a 50 point offer will get you 5 new events.
Simple. Oh, and your earned points will still be available after re-installation.

I know some people have problems with ads, but unfortunately I have no other way of monetizing my app. I hope you understand.

Ad report – last 25 days.

As I said before, I will publish the revenue generated by ads. In total, Power Schedule and App List generated a total of… 6.16$. 🙂
This is not much, as the ads are non-obtrusive and are displayed only if the user requests it (by choosing the “Special Offers” menu item).
Here’s the screenshot from my LeadBolt account (referral link):

15 March - 10 April LeadBolt Ads income

During the last week, I’ve been walking continuously n my Sisyphus path (also known as Power Schedule 2). I managed to rethink most of the User Interface. Hopefully it’s much more friendly and intuitive – also a LOT more flexible 🙂
Yes, most of the requested features are present (and working) already. I’ll leave the rest for the future versions (better to have a stable running version before adding new stuff). This will also support localization properly, so you’ll have Power Schedule in your own language (I’ll post the files soon for translation).
I *may* be able to release it this week (we have Easter holiday on Sunday, maybe things are more relaxed at work).

Meanwhile I also made a small fix for the 1.x version of Power Schedule – mainly, to support Data Connection control on Gingerbread (2.3+) devices. Grab the 1.6 version from the market now if you haven’t already.

So, next post will hopefully be the release news 🙂

App List

So I just released a new app – it’s called simple: App List.

You can check it out now here (Browser link):
App List on Google Play

or here (Android link):
App List on Play Store for Android

You can use it to quickly share some apps you like with your friends (via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Gmail or whatever sharing app you have installed on your Android device). Also, you can filter/search your installed apps list, view details about each one, open them or open the corresponding Google Play Store page (if any).

I implemented this one to familiarize myself with other Android topics. I’ll post a tutorial about what I’ve found out soon.

No more startup ads

I saw some users are not happy about having ads in apps. Ok, so I removed the startup splash screen and added a more unobtrusive “Special Offers” entry in the menu. These frequently change and generally you have an offer to download a free app from the Google Play Store. If you do, I will earn some cents. That’s all.

Learning from mistakes

Well, it’s easy to get over-enthusiastic and get burned 🙂
It happened to me last night because I didn’t test Power Schedule 1.5 on more devices. So first it crashed because I removed a needed library, then because LeadBolt (ads provide) apparently has some problems on Android 2.1 (even though they say they support it – heads up for other developers as well).

So now I just published version 1.5.4. Hopefully the crash reports are gone for now.

Next time I’ll take my time and test it on all supported platforms.

15000 active users

Well, I’m now definitely back to work. I’ve had quite a stressful year at work (hopefully things will chill down for a while). Yes, some of my team’s work can be seen in the new Audi A3 (just revealed at Geneva Motor Show). Pretty proud of that, actually. Soon you’ll also see it in the new Golf 7 😉

But anyhow, as I said I’m back to Android development – and hopefully without major breaks this time.
To start, I thank the 15,000 active Power Schedule users by releasing a new minor update: version 1.5. I’ve finally added one thing most of you asked for – “vibrate” instead of “silent” option.
Also, if you don’t mind, I’ve added an ad, as a splash screen. This is because my hosting costs some bucks / year. I hope this doesn’t upset anybody – if most users demand removal, I will.
You can find it in the form of a checkbox in the “Ring Profile” section.

So go on, update your app. And if you don’t use it already, what are you waiting for? 🙂

Off to summer holiday

Yes, finally that time of year has come 🙂
Tomorrow we’re heading for Sardegna, supposedly one of the best Italian destinations – where all the stars go. No, we’re not playing in their league, we just got a very good deal on accommodation. So I guess we have a good chance of having a coffee with Heidi Klum and the likes 🙂

See you when I’m back (29.08) with a surprise ;).

P.S. I can’t wait to dive again. Yay!