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Power Schedule 1.0.1

I just updated Power Schedule to 1.0.1. The displayed schedule is now activated, when you open the “Phone & Bluetooth” and “Wireless” settings (this fixed a small bug for users seeing the times displayed, without any action being performed at the specified times). Check the app page for download details.

Some things about Power Schedule

I’ve received a few questions from the users who installed PS.
First, why it can’t be installed on the SD card. Well, it can’t because it needs to be started by Android at startup. At that time, the SD card may not be available. Therefore, it won’t start.
Anyhow, the app is really small (it uses 100kb with its data, so I hope it’s not a big problem.
If I find a different way, I will for sure allow installing to SD.

By the way, you have any feature requests for future versions, just ask 🙂