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Back from Barcelona

Yes, I’m back. Barcelona is easily the best city I’ve ever visited (not that I’ve been to that many anyway). It has it all: views, sea (+1), food, night life, history.
Plus, the weather was excelent. We’ve had around 24-26 degrees C (78 F), while back home in Timisoara, around 37 C (98 F). That doesn’t seem right, but anyway – great weather for walking around the city :).
I hope I’ll be back soon. Plenty of things left to visit.

Short holiday – heading for Barcelona

It’s been 42 degrees Celsius (Google says that’s 107.6 F) in Timisoara last weekend, so I couldn’t take it anymore. Tomorrow I’m heading for Barcelona, where AccuWeather says it’s around 27 C (80.6 F). Based on what I learned in school, these temperatures should be quite the opposite. Then again, weather’s changing.
Anyhow, the trip was not so spontaneous – I’ve bought the tickets back in May :).

Wish me a nice holiday, please… I need a break from work 😉